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EXCLUSIVE: 5 common hair fall care myths BUSTED by an expert
EXCLUSIVE: 5 common hair fall myths BUSTED by an expert

We consider our hair as a crowning glory, literally. We are ready to go to any end to get good healthy hair. From oiling the locks to chopping them every couple of months, we do all it takes to boost hair growth. But first, we need to understand the facts so we know what will work and what won’t.

Hair oil will stop hair fall
Hair fall is complex and we need to understand the accuse first. The cause could be a nutritional deficiency, recovery from illness, hormonal imbalance, stress etc. so just application of oil is not going to help in controlling hair fall. A gentle massage on the scalp with oil may help in relaxation, which intern improves overall health. But please avoid vigorous massage as it does more harm than good.


Hair oil will make hair longer
Hair oil only conditions the hair and makes it smoother. It has no impact on hair length. The length of hair, its texture and quality are genetically determined. You can use hair oil a few hours before hair wash. this will prevent drying of hair and may help in making hair appear more smooth.  Overnight oiling is not recommended and has no additional benefits.

Cutting hair short will control hair fall
Absolutely not. Hair grows from the roots. So cutting the stands has no impact on the part under the skin. The longer the hair, the more severe the hair fall seems because the long strands on hair curl within to make a hairball appear much bigger. So even when you lose 4-5 strands, they look like a lot.  A short haircut will only help in reducing your stress related to hair fall as you will not be able to see the hair anymore. Hair cut has no impact on hair shedding.


Shampooing of the scalp causes hair to fall
Shampoo halves in keeping the scalp clean. You shampoo your scalp at least 3 times a week to remove oil, dust and grime that may collect on the scalp. Our hair grows in cycles. Most are in a growing phase, few are in the shedding and resting phase. So, the hair that is in the shedding phase is what you see while you shampoo your hair. So, don’t be scared, regular shampoo is very important to keep the scalp clean and hence have healthy hair.

Using SLS free shampoo will control hair fall
SLS or sodium laurel sulfate is a surfactant that helps in forming lather or farming a shampoo. You should use an SLS free shampoo only if you have very dry scalp or sensitive skin. Otherwise, SLS is not harmful and is actually helpful in removing excess oil from your scalp. SLS free shampoo will not adequately clean your scalp if you have oily scalp.


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