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How to handle sibling fights in children below 10 years of age
How to handle sibling fights in children below 10 years of age

One would assume that anger issues and ugly fights are things that are exclusive to adults who are plagued by a large ego. However, fights between children and even toddlers are more common than you’d presume they were. Since young kids are unaware of the right way to voice their disagreement, they tend to throw a tantrum or kick, scream and even bite the other child present. So whether you’re parenting more than one child or your little one simply has a friend visiting; you can use these tips to mediate during any disagreements they might have.

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  1. Choose the right time to step in

Many parenting strategies suggest that you must not step in when kids are arguing and let them handle it themselves. However, if there are chances it may snowball into a fight, you must step in before they get hurt. A good time to intervene and stop the fighting is before the crying begins. You can either manually separate the two or send them to different rooms to calm down.

mediate arguments between kids

  1. Don’t lose your temper

While it may anger you to know that your beloved kids are hitting each other, you must keep calm. Whether they have broken your favorite dish or caused any damage, stay calm and positively address the issue. This sets an example of good behavior that you want your kids to follow.

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  1. Make sure the consequences of the fight are fair 

Once the kids have calmed down, you can speak to them about the issue and announce fair consequences for each of them. For instance, if the spat was over a toy, you can ensure that none of the kids get the toy. This can discourage fighting in the future.

mediate argument between kids

Whether your little one tends to yell, cry or indulge in name-calling; you must take notice immediately, as it could lead to behavioral issues if the problem is not addressed at the start.

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