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Updated on Nov 25, 2021 10:43 PM IST  |  101.4K
Rakhi and her husband
Bigg Boss 15 PROMO: Rakhi Sawant to enter the show with husband Ritesh?

Rakhi Sawant is known for creating a lot of drama, due to which she is always in the limelight. She had raised the TRP for the show Bigg Boss 14 in the previous season and she is back on the show in this season. But this time, there is a twist in the story, and for the first time, Rakhi Sawant’s husband will be coming in front of camera. In the recent promo of the show, Rakhi Sawant is seen talking to her husband as she shares her excitement of them entering together.

In the promo, it was seen that Rakhi had several times in the previous episode asked her husband to come in front of the camera. She was seen crying and getting emotional as she said missed her husband. But in the recent promo, Rakhi has declared that the whole world will get to see her husband for the first time. She is seen asking him if he is ready to go with her or not, to which he replied, “Zaroor”.

See the promo here:

Rakhi Sawant had claimed to be married when she entered Bigg Boss 14 and said her husband’s name is Ritesh. She had also shared in the show about suffering everything alone as her husband is not there with her. It will be finally revealed in Bigg Boss 15 who her husband is and why he had been not coming front of the camera for a long time. Rakhi will be entering the BB house in the upcoming weekend.

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